Who are Ruby Franky and 8 passengers and why did the police arrest theme

Ruby Frankie is a YouTuber and mother of 6, who ran a YouTube channel called 8 Passengers.


The channel was launched in 2015 chronicling the lives of Ruby and Kevin Frankie and their six children.


The channel's viewers considered her parenting style more demanding and sometimes cruel and questioned her more consistently.


Fans of the channel discussed the illegal and legitimate disputes of the family and got their channel shut down.


In June 2022, Frankie started a new YouTube channel called 'Connexions', which he was collaborating with a woman named Jodi.


In the videos, Frankie and her partner made controversial statements, in which they discussed particularly controversial topics.


The Frankie family falls apart after a dispute, with several members now going their separate ways.


The reason for the arrest was based on the sentence of an emaciated and defecated child in which he had asked for help.


Frankie's elder daughter Shari said that she is no longer in touch with family members and does not support the extreme ideologies of 'Connexions'.


The priority is still to keep the children safe, but many members are divided in ideologies and there is no certainty about the future of the Frankie family.