Officials are calling for Luis Rubiales' resignation because of his actions at the Women's World Cup, specifically his forceful kiss on the lips of Jenny Hermoso.

Regional presidents issued a collective statement urging Rubiles to resign immediately.

Prosecutors at Spain's top criminal court have opened a preliminary investigation into the kiss, potentially classifying it as "sexual assault".

Rubiales maintained that the kiss was "spontaneous, mutual, euphoric, and consensual," contradicting the perception of wrongdoing.

The Spanish federation sought a suspension from UEFA with the intention of garnering support for Rubiales' position.

Withdrawal of the suspension request reflects a subtle approach, indicating a desire to reduce the tension and potential repercussions generated by the suspension motion.

Spain's top clubs are gearing up for the Champions League group-stage draw, and the national men's team has qualifiers for the 2024 European Championship on September 8 and 12.

The controversy highlights the complex relationship between individual behaviour, institutional image and a country's sporting reputation,

The dispute has global implications, as stakeholders from within and outside Spanish football are closely watching to see how the situation unfolds.